Yes you can – come and be a volunteer with HS4LC

By March 28, 2017Latest News

HS4LC is looking for volunteers to provide tutor support to busy classes of adults with learning difficulties.

Just a few hours a week can make all the difference to those who rely on us to give them life skills.

You don’t need any formal experience – just a willingness to listen and be prepared to help people who struggle with tasks most of us take for granted.

Don’t underestimate your capabilities!

Perhaps you have IT skills, can cook, do practical art work, photography…..or you just want to get help and be involved.

Patience and understanding are just as important as practical skills. We will always try to match your interests to a suitable class.

You may be thinking of a career in care or, having had a successful working life, you may wish to join an organisation that gives to others.

Our volunteers are not expected to lead a class but will be guided, supported and supervised by the tutor.

Volunteering at HS4LC is sociable, enjoyable and probably one of the most fulfilling things you will ever do.

If you are just starting out on your working life it will boost your CV and tell prospective employers you are committed to giving to others.

For further information you can call Centre Manager Judith Oliver on 01423 593719 or find us through the Harrogate Volunteer Centre website