The Keys To Growth

By January 2, 2015Latest News

In 2012 when we set our strategic direction, we knew that we had a choice: shrink back – or expand to grow more sustainable services. We chose the latter and wrote ‘The Keys to Growth’ and redefined the vision as

Skills 4 Living: Helping people to live learn and earn in supportive Yorkshire Communities

One of the ‘keys’ we identified was to secure the long term future through generating more sustainable income streams. We have been helped to do this by a grant from The Key Fund and the Social Incubator North Interest free loan fund .

We really benefited from the mentoring support and business growth advice which we were able to access through the grant and interest free loan fund. That in turn has helped the region, as we have been able to save jobs and create new ones.

It’s been a year long process to identify and obtain grant and loan finance and in the process we have been able to strengthen our Board of Governance, redefine our goals and really understand our strengths.

Having a strong Board of Governance has helped as well as having a capable, responsive staff team able to continue the day to day business of running our adult learning centre.

The Key Fund grant and Social Incubator North Loan helped us to leverage larger loan investment funding which has resulted in us purchasing a residential care home in Harrogate.

It’s early days, as we only acquired the care home in late September but already we see how we can make a difference in the lives of our beneficiaries by taking a holistic approach to their support.

Where next? The strategy points to developing opportunities for our beneficiaries to earn and learn.

Watch this space.

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