Theme Week on Lockdown!

Last week the interns began learning about topics related to PSHE.

The theme they began with was alcohol. Each day the interns were set tasks about different areas of alcohol. The tasks involved them doing their own research. These included learning about: units of alcohol, alcohol addiction, alcohol and the law, as well as where to go to for support with problem drinking.  Each one of them rose to the challenge of doing the work by themselves with only a couple of phone calls being made to the lead tutor if they were struggling! The last alcohol related activity they had to complete was a alcohol knowledge quiz. The winner of the quiz was Olivia who scored 21/25. Well done Olivia! At the end of the week, the interns were given a feedback sheet where they documented what they had learnt about alcohol,  the areas of alcohol they found boring and what area of alcohol they enjoyed learning about the most. Here are some of their responses: Cameron:  Cameron enjoyed learning about what happens to you if you go over the units of alcohol that you are meant to have. Kelsie: Kelsie said that she learnt about what alcohol does to your body and why alcohol is bad for you. She also enjoyed finding out that alcohol can cause you lot of harm in the long run!  Olivia: Olivia said the most boring part of doing the activities were when she was naming different brands of wine, beer etc.  I am pleased to hear that none of them found doing their own research boring! The feedback sheet also asked them what they had been doing as part of there 1 hour exercise a day. Here are some of their answers: Arron: I have been going for a walk through Pine Woods, into Valley Gardens and then walking back up Otley Road towards home.  Kelsie: I have been to Ripley on my bike two times and I have walked to Starbeck twice. On Wednesday she went for a walk through Valley Gardens with Fran. Kelsie has also been a busy bee doing lots of baking and cooking for her brothers. Her latest creation was baking flapjack. Keep up the good work everyone!