The Wednesday Wanderers!

We launched the Wednesday Wanderers group as part of the HS4LC summer programme.

The Wednesday Wanderers is a group led by our gym instructor and tutor Billy and every Wednesday the group have taken a walk somewhere new and local to Harrogate.

The group was launched due to the increasing demand from HS4LC service users to be able to go out and about and also to offer a different fitness activity to the normal gym and fitness sessions that we run.

Throughout the summer programme the Wednesday wanderers have taken different level walks through places including Hookstone Woods, Ripley, The Pine Woods and Birk Cragg. The HS4LC summer programme is aimed to please everyone and we usually offer a choice of both an on-site and off-site activity each day. The programme is put together with the aim of taking advantage of the Yorkshire sunny summer weather and giving HS4LC service users the opportunity to do something a little different to their normal day centre activities and courses that they have been doing throughout the rest of the year.

Even though we advertise this group as an out in all weathers group, they were very lucky with the weather on their walks with only their last walk on Wednesday 14th August been a wet and rainy day!

We wanted to share some of our photos from our walking adventures with you...can you recognise any of the local places we visited?

This group turned out to be so popular that we have taken the decision to incorporate the Wednesday Wanderers into the new HS4LC gym and fitness timetable for 2019/20, which starts on Tuesday 3rd September.

We look forward to lots more walking adventures! Keep posted for all the photos and details of our walks coming over the coming months.