Socially Distanced Teamwork!

My name is James and I’m a keen artist and a learner on the Skills bridge programme here at HS4LC. I am writing my first blog post for the HS4LC website about "The Craft Tree".

What is The Craft Tree?....I’ll explain more to you with regular updates but it is a new enterprise started by “Skills bridge”, our educational programme at HS4LC. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we have needed to find new ways of selling our Christmas product range with the aim of raising much needed funds.

Some of my current tasks for The Craft Tree project include coming up with ideas and taking photographs of the craft making process. Other learners have different jobs like producing products, purchasing materials, pricing the products and selling the products online.

Here are some examples of what the learners have made:

One of our learners, Kelsie, explained to me how the baubles were made. Here is what she said:

“You pick 3 different colours of paint for the bauble. You choose the first colour and pour the paint into the bauble. You then shake the bauble, then choose the second paint and then shake it again. You then choose the final colour of paint and pour it into the bauble. You then give it a final shake and make sure the paint covers the bauble. Make certain when shaking the bauble you cover the top of the bauble so paint doesn’t splash everywhere”.

We look forward to sharing more of our exciting Craft Tree products with you soon.