National Careers Week

Last week the interns celebrated National Careers Week. The aim of National Careers Week is to support young people, who are soon to be leaving education, think about what they would like to do as a career.

This year the interns focused on what their dream job would be. Their answers included the following: working as a PA to a principal, being a nursery nurse, working in a shop and being a barista.

One of the activities they participated in was a careers quiz that indicated what career they may suit. There were some interesting answers including being a dance teacher or a prop maker. This quiz was a lighthearted way of beginning the discussion about their skills, qualities and future careers.

Once the interns had discussed possible career options it was time to start researching them. Their task during their Employability session was to think about the following:

  • Why they want to do that job, what was the appeal?

  • What skills would they need?

  • What is the typical salary?

  • What would their responsibilities be?

  • Are there are opportunities for career progression?

  • Would the job would involve working weekends?

  • Can they find an example of the job advertised on online.

Through getting the interns to research their future career, it allows them to gain an understanding of the job role, responsibilities, requirements and potential for progression.