Distance Learning with the Skills Bridge Interns.

Like the Day Centre, our Routes to Employment Programmes had to shut the doors on Monday 23rd March. However, this doesn’t mean the learning has stopped! While they are not in work placements the Interns have continued to work hard from home. Several learners have borrowed laptops from the centre and others are using their own equipment to keep in touch with each other, their tutors and to keep their learning going.

They are being set daily and weekly tasks and challenges to complete, from life skills such as doing their own washing and baking brownies through to completing online Maths and English units. Many of the learners have also been completing professional qualifications and CPD courses through Virtual College online.

Well done to Kelsie and Cameron who have completed their Food Hygiene qualification at Level 1 and Level 2, as well as achieving certificates in Health and Safety at Work, Fire Safety Training and Manual Handling in the workplace. These are great qualifications to have for when they return to their work placements

and for going into employment in the future. Well done to all our interns who are working towards these currently – keep going, you’re doing great!

Frances has been working hard on learning facts for her food hygiene qualification - She has completed this great visual diagram, well done Frances!

Arron, who was disappointed to have to put his work placement at Covance on hold, is keeping busy by completing assignments for his L2 Business Admin qualification as well as many other things. Here’s how Arron was feeling at the end of week one…

“I am really proud of all the things I have achieved from working from home this week with passing my Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2 course and Manual Handling Level 1 on virtual college.  I have also been working really hard on my business admin qualification and I have been able to complete 2 whole assignments independently and have passed all the criteria without having to make any amendments or changes. 

I have been doing lots of other things to keep myself busy which have included keeping in touch with family and friends, doing mindfulness colouring, reading magazines, doing puzzle books, going out for a long walk every day, and most importantly looking after myself and being happy. 

I'm feeling really great and motivated after a great weeks independent learning from home!”

The learners have also been busy helping around the house. Cameron made sausage and beans for tea for his family, Frances has been learning how to do her own washing as well as sorting out the recycling, Will has been busy making broccoli soup with his dad, Liv has been baking with her mum and sister and Steph has been rearranging furniture in her house!

Kelsie has also been cooking and baking. Making pasta bake for her family and also a wonderful rainbow cake for the service her family had to remember her mum who passed away just over a month ago. It looks fantastic Kelsie – Well done.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about the interns’ progress over the next few weeks.