Change for the Interns!

For the past 12 weeks the interns have completing their learning virtually. They have been keeping in keep in touch with their tutors via phone and email and all have participated in our weekly group and 1:1 zoom meetings. We have really enjoyed the PSHE weekly themes, particularly exploring topics such as mental health, healthy lifestyles, risk behaviour and most recently being a good citizen. 

As part of this theme the interns explored the topics of volunteering, giving blood and organ donation and how we can help in our local community.  Here are some examples of their work.

From this week, things will be done differently. We are really delighted to be able to re start some face to face sessions as part of the intern programme. 

These 1:1 sessions will focus on the interns personal targets, and will also include the opportunity to gain work skills as we begin the process of making chocolate again with our Enterprise Manager, Michael. 

Let's just say it's nice to have the familiar smell of chocolate floating around the centre. 

Learning from home will continue on the days the interns are not in 1:1's. As well as literacy and numeracy task each of the interns have been given challenge walls to complete. These are fun but informative tasks and activities that they can complete at home, and reward themselves with a sticker on the wall for each task completed.

As lockdown guidelines change we may make further changes to the programme, but we will keep you up to date. Perhaps some small outdoor groups may be the next thing we add. Having the interns together for a socially distanced walk in the sunshine would be lovely.  We'll keep you informed! But until then we look forward to our 1:1's and weekly group zooms.

Finally, the staff on the Supported Internship programme would like to say thank you to the interns and parents/carers for being supportive as we adapted to distance learning.