Andrew’s move towards independence!

For the past 10 months (with a 4 month break in between due to Covid – 19) job coach Katie has offered Andrew support.

Andrew works as part of the ground maintenance team at Covance. His daily tasks involve collecting leaves that have fallen from trees, litter picking, sweeping the pavements and window cleaning. His working days are Monday and Tuesday 8.30 – 16.30.

Before Andrew had job coach support from HS4LC, he would work with another colleague in the same area and sharing the same equipment. Now Andrew works on a different area of site to his colleague and uses a lone worker alarm to ensure he is safe on site.

The job coach support was funded through Access to Work, which is a government funded programme which is available for adults with disabilities who are seeking paid employment or about to start paid work. The programme funds job coaches/ support workers to help an employee settle into the job and learn how to do different tasks.

Andrew had this to say about the support he received from HS4LC

“Katie has helped me build my confidence and become more independent at work”

Andrew’s mum has also provided a comment on the support he received from HS4LC

“Andrew became involved with HS4LC when he started work at Covance in Harrogate and they provided the support to help Andrew as he started his first job. The encouragement, dedication and care he received from HS4LC was immense and because of this Andrew is now working on his own. This is something I previously thought would never happen.”

Congratulations Andrew, keep up the good work!

The Skills Bridge Team at Harrogate Skills for Living Centre.