874 miles....DONE!

WOW...We did it!

We have successfully completed our Lands End to John O' Groats virtual journey!

We covered an astonishing total of 874 miles in 80 days! We set off on our virtual journey on Friday the 1st of March and our students worked very hard to rack up the miles in multiple ways to ensure that everyone could be involved. This included swimming, walking, wheeling, running and rowing (on the treadmill and rowing machine).

Check out our journey log below that shows week on week where we ended up on our virtual journey!

The journey log:

Week 1: We covered a total of 77 miles which took us from Lands’ End to St Agnus!

Week 2: We covered an additional 86 miles, making a total of 163 miles which took us to Newsport in South Wales.

Week 3: We added another 80 miles taking us to Warwick.

Week 4: This week we reached a total of 384 miles into our epic expedition bringing us to Kirkby Lonsdale.

Week 5: We racked up a whopping 110 miles this week taking us to Lockerbie.

Week 6: Our students hit a total 530 miles taking us to Houndslow in Scotland.

Week 7: This week we arrived in Dalkeith which is 600 miles from Lands End.

Week 8: We arrived in Edinburgh... a total of 615 road miles from the start of our journey!

Week 9: We hit a total of 750 miles this week taking us to Carrbrige in Scotland.

Week 10: We arrived at Helmesdale which is 832 miles from Lands End. The finish line is in sight!

Week 11: We have completed the epic trip of 874 miles!!

We chose to do this Lands End to John O'Groats virtual journey to help raise awareness of the HS4LC Healthy Hearts Campaign that we launched at the end of last year. HS4LC wanted to help and encourage​ the local learning disability community to increase the amount of physical activity they take part in by offering FREE and easy access to a fully equipped gym and instructor in a safe environment at the Harrogate Skills for Living Day Centre on North Park Road in Harrogate.

A big well done to everyone who was involved in this campaign! It was great to see so many of the HS4LC gym members participating and their excitement week on week to reach a new destination.

Keep an eye out for some very exciting HS4LC Gym news... coming soon!