Magic of the Musicals!

On a Tuesday we run our very popular "Magic of the Musicals" group which is for people who like listening, discussing and exploring the stories behind some of the world's most famous musicals.

Since January the group have watched Mary Poppins, Annie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Lion King and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. This group is really fun and filled with a lot of laughter and loud singing!

Each week the group spend time watching the movie and completing activities related to what they have watched.

Everyone loved watching and singing along to Mary Poppins, the group made their very own tape measures and stuck Mary Poppins quotes on them and they also made a CV for their very own nanny and what they would of wanted her to be like if they needed their very own Mary Poppins.

When the group watched Annie, everyone especially loved the songs in the film including the well known track " the sun will come out tomorrow!" Everyone knows the words and sang along at the top of their voices. The activities included making an Annie portrait using orange curly hair (orange paper curled using the scissors) and the group also looked at what it would like to be rich. They also did some story analysis where they told the story of Annie using pictures and sentences after they had finished the film.

After watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the group made the car out of the film using the template and folding it together.

Charlie and the chocolate factory was the next movie the Magic of the Musicals group watched this term. The group made their very own Wonka chocolate bars and also used their “pure imagination” to create their own world.

The group have just finished the classic Disney movie, The Lion King. The group absolutely loved this movie and the songs in it. The group enjoyed making pop up lions on lollipop sticks and making a sunset background using paint with a black and white template (silhouette) of their favourite images from The Lion King. They also painted some amazing trees and put Simba’s picture on the tree.

This week the group started one of the most iconic musicals of all time Grease! Keep posted for photos of our Grease inspired activities coming soon.

For more information on the "Magic of the Musicals" group or any other groups run as part of the HS4LC day centre timetable, please give us a call on 01423 593719 or find out more here.