Gym achievements!

We launched the HS4LC Healthy Hearts campaign back in November last year. The aim of the campaign was to offer free gym sessions to adults with learning disabilities in the local Harrogate area as we know that, unfortunately there are huge health inequalities for people with learning disabilities, they often do not have easy access to facilities.

We have been extremely happy with the interest and uptake of people using the Harrogate Skills for Living gym and the benefit it is bringing to those that attend sessions.

All the students who attend our Gym and Fitness sessions work closely with Billy, the HS4LC personal trainer/fitness instructor. Billy monitors everyone's progress and documents their fitness levels and achievements.

We have seen some great improvements in students fitness and are very proud to have awarded a number of certificates for great achievements recently including:

  • Improvement in balance and coordination.

  • Queen of the road for completing over 30 km of walking in February.

  • 15 metre sculling.

  • King of the gym.

  • Greatest cardio improver of the month.

  • First kilometre on the treadmill.

The HS4LC gym gives students access to a rowing machine, treadmill, exercise bikes, cross trainer and free weights.

We run regular gym and fitness sessions and this has fast become a firm favourite on the 2018/19 timetable!

We also run a swimming club on a Thursday as part of the HS4LC Gym and Fitness sessions.

If you would like any more information on the gym or to arrange a taster session please call us on 01423 593719 or click here.