Brackenley news!

Dignity Action Day is an annual opportunity for health and social care workers, and members of

the public to uphold people's rights to dignity and provide a truly memorable day for people who use care services.

This year dignity action day fell on the 1st of February and we celebrated with a series of Valentines afternoon tea events in our Sensory Facility at our Brackenley Care Home.

We talked about respect and dignity and what this means to our clients and staff, afterwards we revisited our Dignity Tree created in 2018 and read the dignity statements posted there.

Our staff took the time to beautifully decorate the cabin in the grounds of our Brackenley home

and invited our clients to an afternoon of conversation, chilled music and delicious treats.

One of our client Di summed up "Dignity is about respecting each other". Combining thoughts around dignity and respect with celebrating our national day of "love" seemed appropriate.

We all agreed that this was indeed a dignified event that we pledge to re-create in various special ways throughout the year.

Well done to our staff members Nicole and Saffron for such a great and successful idea!

On another note a huge congratulations is needed to all the staff at our Brackenley Care Home for passing the yearly assessment and maintaining the Excellence in Care standard!