HS4LC Healthy Hearts!

November sees us launch our Healthy Hearts Campaign.

The idea to launch a campaign to promote fitness and healthy hearts came after receiving a grant of £2000 in 2017 to help transform the HS4LC cellar into a gym and also researching the facts of health in adults with learning disabilities.

The HS4LC Gym is now open and has been available to our students to access via drop in and timetabled sessions.

The launch of the HS4LC Healthy Hearts campaign sees HS4LC invite and open up the gym facilities to people with learning disabilities and autism in the local community.

We know that, unfortunately there are huge health inequalities for people with learning disabilities, they often do not have easy access to facilities. This can be because they cannot take a member of staff with them or they simply cannot afford to go to a gym.

It is also a very sad fact that coronary heart disease is a leading cause of death amongst people with learning disabilities and over 80% of adults with learning disabilities engage in levels of physical activity below the Department of Health ‘s minimum recommended level. We want to help and encourage our local learning disability community to increase the amount of physical activity they take part in by offering free and easy access to a fully equipped gym in a safe environment at the Harrogate Skills for Living Day centre on North Park Road in Harrogate.

The HS4LC gym has already been put to good use by the HS4LC day centre clients, the Skills Bridge students and we look forward to interest from other organisations and the community growing!

If you would like to find out more about the HS4LC Healthy Hearts campaign or if you have an interest in attending the HS4LC gym and fitness sessions, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01423 593719 to find out more!