World Mental Health Day!

Today is World Mental Health Day and at HS4LC we like to like to support anything to do with helping raise awareness of mental health as it is estimated that mental health problems amongst adults with a learning disability is quite common, approximately 40%. This is more than double the rate of mental health problems in the general population but we also know that mental health problems can affect anyone, any day of the year!

World Mental Health Day was founded by the World Federation of Mental Health, with the objective of raising awareness of mental health issues and supporting all mental health stakeholders in their work changing attitudes.

Following Mental Health Awareness Week, which is held in May every year, the World Health Organisation’s aim for World Mental Health Day 2018 to focus on young people and those in the early years of adulthood.

Our mental health is just like our physical health: everybody has it and we need to take care of it.

Mental health problems affect around one in four people in any given year. They range from common problems, such as depression and anxiety, to rarer problems such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

There are a lot of great organisations available for information and support on mental health issues including MIND: and Mental Health Foundation:

Thought of the day: Today is world mental health day so remember to be kind to yourself and others. 2 billion people in this pressure filled world of ours suffer from mental health, yet, not everyone feels they can share their feelings/experiences.