All about the allotment!

As you may have seen previously HS4LC have an allotment at the Jubilee Allotments, in Starbeck.

We are starting to make great progress and now have paths around the top of the allotment and the two raised beds, enabling us to finally get wheelchairs onto the allotment ( but not onto all of it yet).

We recently had a lot of topsoil donated from Orb community arts to part fill our bed and last week we took delivery of some good quality topsoil so we can finish filling the beds this week and get planting in them which everyone from the allotment group is excited and eager to get on with!

Becky, manages the HS4LC allotment and allotment groups and recently popped into Brackenley care home and the HS4LC day centre to discuss with some of the residents and students about what fruit and veg they would like to be grown and the allotment and also what they can make with it at the two cooking groups.

Following this consultation we have started planting things which people have asked for,

so far we have:

Veg: Potatoes, onions, tomatoes, green beans, kale and courgettes growing and beetroot and spinach seeds planted. Pea seedlings next to be planted out.

Herbs: chives, thyme, rosemary, sage- all ready for picking now

Fruit: Rhubarb ready for picking now. Raspberries & gooseberries coming along nicely plus redcurrants which will all be ready end June-July. We will have apples in early autumn too.

We want to make the HS4LC allotment a great success and we really need people to help us weed and water. The allotment groups are only there once a week and in this sunny weather our seedlings need a lot of water. If you would like to volunteer with our allotment group please feel free to give us a call on 01423 593719.

Over the last couple of months the morning allotment group has been working up at Brackenley growing a lot of seedlings for the allotment indoors and in our new greenhouse.

We've done really well but if anyone who gardens has seedlings to spare we'd love some:

More courgette plants (just a couple)

More kale as ours got badly eaten by slugs

Strawberry plants.

Any herbs

Keep posted for more news on the allotment over the coming months!

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