HS4LC support Volunteers Week!

Volunteers’ Week is a time to say thank you for the fantastic contribution volunteers make to a specific organisation and also the chance to highlight volunteering opportunities and stories.

It takes place for a week from today but it also runs from the 1-7 June every year and is an opportunity to celebrate volunteering in all its diversity.

The "Volunteers Week" campaign was established in 1984 by Volunteering England, which merged with NCVO in 2013. NCVO now leads this UK-wide campaign.

HS4LC would like to say a massive thank you to all our volunteers. As a charity, HS4LC do require support from the local Harrogate community and we really do appreciate all the time people give us as a volunteer.

As well as helping others, volunteering has been shown to improve volunteers well-being too!

It is natural to feel good after helping someone. Volunteering can also help you gain valuable new skills and experiences and it can also boost your confidence.

This week as part of HS4LC supporting Volunteers Week we will be showing our appreciation to our volunteers, sharing their stories as volunteers and also taking the time to highlight the volunteering opportunities that we have available at the Harrogate Skills for Living Centre.

Did you know...

That the estimated value of volunteers helping UK charities is a whopping £22.6bn


As a charity HS4LC require support from the local community and partner organisations in order to develop our services and expand the outreach we have. We have a whole range of volunteering opportunities available at the day centre and we really do appreciate each and everyone of our volunteers.

If you would like to get involved or offer help in any way please get in touch or click the image below for more details.