Our CEO juggles more than just his workload

Work began on the 'Cellar Project' this week and our CEO Hadyn Moorby-Davies proved he can juggle more than just his workload and management responsibilities.

Hadyn donned jeans and a jesters hat to help clear the cellar in preparation for the renovation of the new HS4LC gym. He also proved he has hidden talents...

Our Juggling CEO

The cellar at the Day Centre on North Park Road has been used predominately for storage over the past few years. Haydn had the vision of turning the space into a gym to offer our clients access to fitness equipment.

"I think it's widely known that adults with learning difficulties have a lot of inequalities, particularly around health and access to gyms and mainstream facilities.

"It's a small way we can reward some of our current clients - and maybe attract some new clients - and give them an opportunity to use the equipment and hopefully they'll go out and use mainstream facilities as well."

HS4LC were awarded £2000 from Harrogate Borough Council Small Grants Fund. This will help towards the renovation costs.

Day 1 - The big clear out!

As you can see there was a fair bit of sorting and clearing required before we can begin on the actual renovation work.

In keeping with our 'no waste ethos' the majority of the items in the cellar have been repurposed, donated to other local organisations or sold to raise funds towards gym equipment.

Day 2 - We made good progress with some dedicated helpers

There were a number of LARGE inhabitants who were served with eviction notices.

We are now ready for stage two. Lighting, painting, flooring etc.

Keep checking our Blog for regular updates on the 'Cellar Project' and other HS4LC features.