HS4LC Win grant funding for a gym

HS4LC have successfully secured £2000 of funding through Harrogate Borough Council’s Small Grants Fund. A total of £30,452 has been allocated between 13 voluntary projects across the district.

Harrogate Skills 4 Living Centre has been awarded the grant funding towards the ‘Cellar Project'. The Day Centre on North Park Road will be establishing a new gym for it’s learning disabled clients.

Hadyn Moorby-Davies, CEO of Harrogate Skills 4 Living Centre said:

“There are huge health inequalities for people with learning disabilities, they often do not have easy access to facilities. This can be because they cannot take a member of staff with them or they simply cannot afford to go to a gym.

“It is one of those things that can get compounded by age and can be a spiralling problem which has a firm place in the learning disabled community.

He added: “The aim is to get around 50 of our clients, or others from the area, building their confidence up and get them to the point they could even consider using mainstream facilities.”

The grant funding will cover the cost of the renovation work required to make the cellar a usable space. Free weights, treadmill, rowing machine and more equipment will now be needed to fill the new gym once renovations are completed.