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Harrogate Chocolate Factory is a new social enterprise set up by Harrogate Skills for Living Centre.

The Harrogate Chocolate Factory and Café 

 As a charity trying to help our disadvantaged beneficiaries overcome the

barriers they face to leading a normal life we realise how important it is to

have opportunities to gain vital life and work skills. In 2018 we started running

a 12 month supported employment program where students have the

chance to work for an organisation with additional classroom sessions

designed to enhance the skills needed to survive in employment.

What makes Harrogate Chocolate Factory special is that we make our dark chocolate starting from raw cacao beans; a process known as bean to bar. Firstly we sort the cocoa beans and then roast them. After the beans cool down – they are cracked and winnowed (removal of outer shell) to separate the chocolate nib. These nibs are ground to refine the rough chocolate before adding the rest of the ingredients (coconut palm sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla pod) which are then mixed further; known as the refining and conching process. Before being ready to pour into the mould the chocolate must be tempered which in simple terms gives us a finished product with a professional sheen, snap and taste. Once the chocolate has cooled in the mould it is ready for packaging and of course sampling.

The Harrogate Chocolate Factory website is:

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