Our Purpose

To enable people with a learning disabilities to learn, earn, and live fulfilling lives in supportive Yorkshire communities.

Varied timetable of activities

Students can attend for half or full days up to 5 days a week and choose from a variety of courses including needlecrafts, art, singing, cookery, rock and pop, computer skills and drama. Participation is tailored to the interests and abilities of each student. We carry out regular assessments to ensure they are finding their life at HS4LC enjoyable and fulfilling.

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Humberside Learning Consortium

Accredited qualifications

Students can work towards Entry Level qualifications accredited by Humber Learning Consortium, including qualifications in Personal Progress and Personal Development.  For students seeking work-based skills we also offer a Certificate in Personal and Vocational Development.

Friendship, support and advocacy

Our skills centre is a place to extend social networks and build peer support.  If our clients have a problem in their lives at home or at the centre they can always approach our staff.  We will listen, talk through their problem with them and help them to make informed choices, signposting to other support and services as needed.

Harrogate Skills 4 Living Outreach Tutoring can provide group sessions within your home care (residential or private), business or organisation.

Our qualified tutors can deliver qualifications or informal sessions.

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Inclusive courses for all abilities

HS4LC caters for all levels of ability, whether a prospective student is seeking to gain basic skills or qualifications to enhance work prospects, or just wants to take part in a fun activity and make friends. We have a course to suit every requirement.

Harrogate Skills 4 Living Centre provides intensive education and tutoring for individuals and small groups. Courses are designed to stimulate people’s interest and to give them the skills needed through adult education and leisure learning to help them participate more fully in community life, to live independently or to move into voluntary and paid employment.

We offer structured adult education courses, information, advice, guidance and day care services. We provide a year round support centre where people can learn new skills, maintain their independence and fulfil their potential.

Our staff are highly qualified and skilled professional Tutors, supported by a dedicated team of volunteers from our community.

With us you can gain nationally recognized qualifications to help you in every day life.

HS4LC is an accredited Adult Education Centre.

Matrix-QM-White-on-BlueHS4LC has the Matrix standard for Information Advice and Guidance delivery.

Our qualified tutors will assess your learning needs and give guidance on your learning progression.

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Learning And Achieving

Courses to improve your skills and knowledge.

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Arts and Crafts

Experience a range of different techniques and creative mediums in our Arts and Crafts groups to produce personal craft items and group projects.

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Healthier Me

Join our Healthier Me group to help you understand how to look after your health and wellbeing through healthy eating, exercise and relaxation.

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Food Glorious Food

Make your favourite meals and discover new recipes in Food Glorious Food and as you learn to cook delicious food on a budget.

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Performance Club

If you like acting and dancing then join our all-day Performance Club in which you will have the opportunity to practice and improve your skills whilst working with others on a group project.

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Music and Dance, Singing for Fun

For music lovers we have lively Music and Dance, Singing for Fun groups where you will learn new songs and popular favourites, action songs and simple dance routines.

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Music: Internet Download

Music: Internet Download is a new course for 2016 in which you will listen, discuss and learn to safely download music from the internet to create your own personal playlist.

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Celebrate The Seasons

Celebrate the Seasons with a range of multi-sensory activities to explore the major events of the year from Halloween, Christmas and Easter, to festivals, saint’s days, and the four seasons.

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Film Club

Watch DVDs with your friends and have trips out to the cinema in HS4LC’s Film Club

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Games Group

Join our popular Games Group to play new computer and traditional games.

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IT Game-Zone

If computer games take your interest, then enrol on our new IT Game-Zone to learn how to safely access and play online computer games.

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Out And About

New activities include three ‘out and about’ groups as requested by the beneficiaries of HS4LC!

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Harrogate Explorers Club

Harrogate Explorers Club is an all-day group in which you will discover what to do in Harrogate, the town’s history, its legends and famous people as well as places of interest in the surrounding area.

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Walk and Talk

Walk and Talk is a monthly walking group that will take you out into the dales and the surrounding countryside for a good walk, talk and a pub lunch with friends.

Monthly. Days and times vary so please contact us.

Thursday Evening Social

Thursday Evening Social, our pub and eating out group is back by popular demand for more fun, food and friendship.

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Skills for Living and Working

Want to find employment, but don’t know where to begin?

HS4LC has been fortunate to receive funding to run courses for people 18-30 who have mild learning disabilities and are not in receipt of social care funding. These groups are for people who are looking to gain the skills that will enable them to make the transition into employment.

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IT Desktop Publishing Skills For The Workplace

Participants in our IT Desktop Publishing Skills For The Workplace will learn how to produce leaflets, flyers and newsletters

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Job Seekers Hub

Our Job Seeker’s Hub will support you to write a CV and practice your interview skills.

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Catering Skills

The Thursday Catering Skills Group will be responsible for providing lunch for the Performance Club

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Catering Skills Qualification

Friday Catering Skills Qualification Group will be undertaking accredited learning in order to obtain a qualification relevant to future employment.

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These groups are for people who want to learn and earn at HS4LC.

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Money Enterprise

The Money Enterprise Group will support you to make and restore items to sell on online sites such as EBay and Gumtree.

Participants will receive a share of the profits at the end of the course.

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Craft Enterprise

The Craft Enterprise Groups will use a range of techniques and creative mediums to produce quality craft items to sell to the public.

Participants will receive a share of the profits at the end of the course.

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For more details or phone bookings call 01423 593719 or mail us via the form below.

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