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We are very proud of our awards and accreditations throughout our organisation. 

Our Awards​

The Matrix quality standard.

HS4LC were awarded the Matrix standard in October 2017. The Matrix Standard is a unique quality standard designed for organisations like HS4LC to access and measure their advice and support services. It looks at how we offer information, advice and guidance which ultimately supports individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals. This is an award we are very proud to have been given. In 2021 we are very pleased to say we passed our third year continuous improvement check.

Excellence in Care


Conclusions and recommendations from July 2021 review:

Brackenley Residential Care Home and Briardene Residential Care both continue to meet all the requirements of the Excellence in Care Standard. Senior leaders and managers continue to practice the principles of the Standard through defining what EiC means; monitoring and measuring quality, and providing development opportunities to staff that add value to residents. The homes' major asset continues to be its people which allows the delivery of the 'person-centred' approach.
Evidence collected from staff demonstrates that the resident is their primary focus, however, it was recognised that there continues to be a substantial amount of time, money and resources invested in staff development across both homes which is particularly impressive given the challenges that the pandemic has presented over the last 18 months