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Harrogate Skills 4 Living Centre is an accredited learning provider for adults with learning disabilities and autism

Meet the Team


Becky has worked at HS4LC since July 2017 and she manages the allotment group.

Becky has a passion for fresh seasonal fruit, herbs and veggies and believes the allotment group helps get more people eating seasonally, eating well and that everyone can learn to grow they just need to be given the right sort of support and enthusiasm. When Becky is not digging up the allotment or baking a cake she likes to enjoy a glass of red wine, chocolate and a good drama on the TV.


Billy has worked at HS4LC for 10 years now and is our Personal trainer for the HS4LC gym. Billy also works at our Brackenley care home with the residents. Billy's motivation to work at HS4LC is due to having endured a 10 year disability of his own. Billy loves to encourage the students and residents to succeed. Billy is always very active (he does mile swims in freezing cold water for fun) and too wind down loves to play a game of candy crush. Billy is always looking for new ways to help people with disabilities reach their personal fitness goals.

Chris H

Chris has worked at HS4LC for around 17 years. Chris tutors a variety of the music classes including our popular "Magic of the Musicals" class. Chris became a tutor at HS4LC as she wanted to teach to make a difference to people's lives and says she loves everyday at the centre as each day is different. Chris loves to see the students develop their knowledge and skills through HS4LC. Out of work Chris loves to spend time with her friends and family and reading good books! 

Chris P

Chris has been with HS4LC since 2006. Chris tutors our Explorers Club, Ready Steady Cook – Around the World! and the The 1 in 100 Group. Chris enjoys taking the students to visit new places around the local area and seeing them experience new adventures. In his spare time Chris is kept busy with his family including his two young children and also playing lots of live gigs with his band 'Let Luce'.


Gillian started as a volunteer in 2012 and became a member of staff in 2013. Gillian leads the Newsletter Group and also assists with computing and the music and arts classes. Gillian loves her days at the centre and says no two days are the same but her days are always very enjoyable! Gillian says the best part of her job is the people/students and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the students develop their skills in class and achieve their potential. Gillian loves to read a good book and dabble with crafts out of work and has a great interest in Roman history. 


Helen joined HS4LC in 2018 as our Arts and Crafts tutor. Helen enjoys supporting the students to learn new arts and craft techniques and to develop their own creative skills. Helen is a very busy person out of work too, when she is not at work Helen is involved in organising craft fairs and teaching embroidery and textile workshops. 


Ian has worked as a tutor at HS4LC since 2013 and teaches the baking enterprise group, craft groups and also supports in the cooking and drama groups. Ian was lead to work in the care sector as he has a daughter with learning difficulties and complex needs.Ian says everday at the centre is filled with chaos and fun! His favourite part of his job is the people as they are all unqiue characters which  makes things interesting. Out of work Ian enjoys indulging in his hobbies of light novels and video games and not forgeting the chocolate!


Juliette has worked at HS4LC since early 2017 and teaches our Soup Making group and also our Health, Well-being and Relaxation class. Juliette has worked in this sector for over 15 years and says the best part of her days at work are spending time with the students and also the staff! Juliette loves to spend her time out of work walking her 2 dogs and attending Pilates and yoga classes.


Mike has been at HS4LC since early 2017. Mike teaches the media project classes and is a wiz on a computer. Mike loves working with the staff and students at HS4LC and most of all sharing and teaching his media skills and watching the students produce their projects and ideas. When not working on different projects Mike likes to take his Border Terrier "Lily" out for walks.


Paula has been at HS4LC for 14 years. Paula is our Film Club and games tutor but assists in the explorers group and music and craft groups. Paula loves working in the environment at HS4LC and helping to improve our students lives. Paula also believes that the people are what make HS4LC special and make no two days are the same. In her spare time, Paula visits her horses and also enjoys listening to music and watching live bands, especially the band her daughter is in 'Let Luce'.