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Let's work together to improve the chances of adults with learning disabilites and autism to get and maintain paid employment.

Employer Information

Did you know that the employment rate for adults with learning disabilities and autism remains at less the 6% nationally?

Here in Harrogate, HS4LC are wanting to make a change and help increase

the opportunities and support available to adults with autism and learning

disabilities to enable them to lead independent lives and fulfil their wish of

finding employment in the local area.

HS4LC is delighted to be continuing our Skills Bridge programmes from

September 2021 in partnership with the Local Authority and IGEN.

People with learning disabilities typically take longer to learn new tasks but with

the right support they can overcome their difficulties and have a better chance of

gaining paid employment.

We are always interested to talk to local businesses and employers to see how you can be part of these amazing programmes and make a real difference to adults with learning disabilities and autism.

With your support, we can ensure more people with learning difficulties or autism go on to achieve paid employment that lasts, enhancing their aspirations and to lead a fulfilled life.


If you would like more information on HS4LC's Routes to Employment programmes please give us a call on 01423 593719 and ask to speak to our CEO Hadyn.

Special thanks to the companies below for their support through 2020-21:

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ess Defence