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Harrogate Skills 4 Living Centre provide a day service for adults with learning disabilities and autism in Harrogate

2021 - 2022 Course Details 

We run a whole host of courses at our Harrogate Skills for Living Day Centre for adults with learning disabilities and autism.

Our courses are designed to stimulate people's interest and to give them the skills needed through adult education and leisure learning to help them develop a wide range of transferable skills.

Our structured adult education courses are specifically designed to meet our beneficiaries individual learning needs and are delivered by our highly qualified and skilled professional tutors, aided by learning support assistants and a dedicated team of volunteers from our local community. 

Skills for Independent Living


These hands-on courses are for people who are either living independently or are preparing to move into independent living.
Skills for Living and Independence: from cooking your tea to cleaning a floor, washing your clothes or fixing a door. Learn all the skills you need to live more independently in your own home.

Take Away Cooking: learn the skills needed to cook simple meals independently in your own home. The course will include topics such as making healthy food choices, writing shopping lists, choosing fresh fruit and vegetables and buying food on a budget. You will choose what meals you want to make then learn how to follow a recipe card, prepare and cook a variety of ingredients and make a meal that you can take away then make again in your own home.


Skills for Enterprise


Join our Money Enterprise: Baking Group where you will learn to make a range of sweet treats such as buns, cakes, biscuits and tray bakes as well as savoury snacks like muffins and cheese scones. All participants will receive a share of the profits at the end of the course.

Skills for Healthy Living Healthy


Healthy Soups and Seasonal Lunches is about discovering a healthy approach to food and nutrition. You will learn how to prepare and cook seasonal vegetables to create healthy soups and lunches whilst exploring the link between your mood and the food you eat.

Mindfulness and Relaxation: in this group you will have the opportunity to learn mindfulness and relaxation techniques, gentle exercises, hand massage and take part in creative sensory wellbeing activities to help you unwind and relax.

Dance Fit / Stress Less: dance is a great way to get fit, become more flexible, and boost your mental health and wellbeing. In this course you will explore different genres of dance, the origins and history of World Dance and learn some simple dance techniques to improve your balance and coordination.



Creative Crafts!

Stitch Club: take the time to explore textile techniques such as sewing, cross stitching, weaving, felt making and quilting to make beautiful and useful things for you to keep or to give as a gift to someone special.

Crazy Crafts: experiment with a wide variety of crafts with a focus on the environment, our planet and recycling. This course is for people who enjoy making weird and wonderful creations!

Adventures in Art - the World: take a journey into creativity! The course will explore different countries, cultures, artists, costumes and festivals. We will use a variety of creative techniques and materials to create artworks inspired by our travels.

Adventures in Art - History: take a journey into the past. The course will explore different historical events as well as looking at objects, museum collections, archaeology and art history. We will use a variety of techniques and materials to create artworks inspired by history.

New for 2021/22

Pick and Mix: this group will have a variety of changing themes and topics, e.g. seasonal projects, crafts, videos, music, discussions and the opportunity to suggest and choose new activities.

News, Views and Favourites Things: in this discussion group you will discover what’s going on in the world around you locally and nationally. We’ll explore the issues that mater to you as well as opportunities to discuss and develop your favourite interests and activities.


Out and About

Out and About – Staying Safe with COVID: This course is for people who need to rebuild their confidence to get out and about again following the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. You will learn about accessing public transport, wearing a mask, entering shops, eating out, going for a coffee - all done in a way to build your confidence whilst keeping yourself and other people safe as you get used to the 'new normal'.

Knaresborough Market Day: Did you know that there has been a market in Knaresborough for over 780 years? It’s great for fruit and veg, sweets, clothes, music and household goods, lots of places for a cup of tea and a bite to eat So brush up your travel training, money handling and social skills and join us for a bit of shopping and some local history in the historic market town of Knaresborough.


Magic of the Musicals is a course for people who like listening, discussing and exploring the stories behind some of the world’s most famous musicals. You will watch DVDs, sing along to the songs and take part in activities inspired by the musicals.

In Dancing Hands and Musical Favourites you will have an opportunity to talk about music, sing songs, play instruments and learn basic sign language/actions which you will perform in time to music.

Disney Day! In this course you will explore the brilliant music from Disney films old and new. You will discover the stories behind the music, learn songs, play along with percussion instruments and learn simple dance routines in this fun and active music group.

In Rock and Pop you will explore musical themes (such as music from different decades and countries, or famous bands and singers), sing songs, use percussion instruments, learn actions to music and listen to your favourite songs in this loud and lively music group.

Recording and Creating Music: this is your chance to learn your favourite songs with a view to singing/performing and recording them to a multitrack. You will learn how to edit and export your recording before burning your very own CD or saving in a downloadable format.


Are you tired of eating the same food all the time? Then join us for a food adventure in Ready Steady Cook Around the World! In this group you will learn to make and eat a variety of traditional dishes from countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australia. No passport required, just an enthusiasm to try new ingredients and get involved with all aspects of the preparation and cooking of the food.


Multi-Sensory: This course is aimed at people with higher support needs who want to explore the 5 senses through sound—music; smell – essential oils, herbs, flowers, spices; touch-massage, texture; taste—exploring flavours (healthy) sweet, salty, sour spicy, etc; sight – nature, moving images.

Super Sensory Session: this group will experiment and explore sensory experiences through a variety of activities including crafts, music, food making, baking and tasting.

Friday Fun and Friendship

Watch DVDs with your friends and share your views, rate the movies and enjoy a cinema experience in HS4LC’s Film Club.

End the week with interactive, friendly competitions in our popular Games Group. Join in the fun with traditional board games, team games or test your knowledge in our Friday quiz of the week.

Computer Skills – these groups will run in our first floor IT suite

Computers: Films and Animation is a creative computer course in which you will take part in filming activities, create animations and place yourself at the heart of your own computer generated world.

Computers and Photography: become more confident at using a computer by learning to take photographs and manipulate images to create stunning pictures which you can use to create your own cards and calendars.

New for 2021/22 Digital and Tabletop Hobby Gaming: this group is for people who enjoy or would like to try alternative games such as Pokémon and other trading card games, wargames (e.g. Warhammer etc), board games (e.g. Space Hulk , chess, Shogi, Risk), pen and paper RPG (e.g. dungeons and dragons), Playstation and online gaming.

HS4LC Newsletter Group Calling all news hounds and roving reporters! The HS4LC Newsletter Group needs you! In this group you will learn how to take photos, type stories, interview people and develop all the skills needed to publish HS4LC’s term-time newsletter “Believe and Achieve”.

Digital Drop-In Are you struggling with computer/tablet / IT issues, but don’t know who to turn to for help? Are you having trouble getting connected ? Let us show you way by accessing HS4LC’s first digital drop-in either remotely via zoom or in person.

Performing Arts

If you like acting and dancing then join our all-day Performing Arts group in which you will have the opportunity to practice and improve your performance skills whilst working with others on a group project.



For those with ‘green fingers’ or just an interest in gardening, the Allotment: Plot to Plate group needs you! You will learn how to plant, grow and harvest fruit and vegetables in our allotment and make delicious recipes from the produce throughout the course.

And finally....

Animal Earth: in this group you will look at nature, explore our planet and learn about the many different animals and insects that live on the earth. You will have an opportunity to step into the wild world to experience what’s going on in the environment and how things are constantly changing. This course will be delivered through a range of classroom based activities, walks, trips out to see animals and insects and maybe even a trip to the zoo or an Animal Park!

We are also providing people with an opportunity to receive 1:1 tuition to Learn a Musical Instrument. Call us on 01423 593719 to find out more. 



For more information on any of the courses we run at Harrogate Skills for Living Centre or to arrange a taster session at the day centre, you can call us on 01423 593719 to arrange or alternatively you can download the timetable and booking forms below.